CareWorksComp offers its clients multiple ways to learn more about workers’ compensation and safety.

Two-Hour Safety Training Sessions

We offer two-hour safety training in-person training throughout the year, in various locations around Ohio.  The in-person sessions meet BWC’s two-hour safety requirement for group rated and group retrospective rated employers.

  • Private employers – two-hour requirement for 2017 policy year with a claim from 7/1/15 to 9/30/16.
  • Public organizations – two-hour requirement for 2018 policy year with a claim from 1/1/16 to 3/31/17.

We also offer employers the option to participate in a webinar to complete BWC’s two-hour training requirement.

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Statewide Spring Seminars

CareWorksComp’s annual risk management cost control seminars are offered in the Spring throughout Ohio.  Our panel of experts will discuss managed care, claims management, safety and unemployment compensation. Claims administrators, safety coordinators, financial officers, payroll and human resource administrators and supervisors are encouraged to attend.

There is an option to view a recording of the seminars online.  This option is available to employers who wish to view a recording of the seminars at their convenience as an alternative to attending the seminar in person.

These seminars and the video option fulfill BWC’s two-hour safety training requirement for group and group retrospective employers.

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