Group Experience Rating

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Ohio’s Group Rating program allows public or private employers in similar industries to pool together to achieve lower upfront premium rates than they could individually. Since CareWorksComp is the administrator for over 250 group sponsors, our Best Fit process ensures that each qualifying employer is placed in the highest upfront discount level available.

Program Discounts

The programs we administer offer premium discounts up to the BWC maximum. Programs are structured in a multi-tiered manner, providing the best opportunity to maximize your discount while preserving an employer’s valuable group rating status from year-to-year, even if workplace injuries do occur.

Group Rating Savings

The group rating programs we administer have saved our clients more than $2.1 billion in workers’ compensation premiums. For every $1 spent in participation fees, the average client saved $11 in workers’ compensation premium - a 1,000 percent return-on-investment!

Since 2002, CareWorksComp has experienced a 63% growth in group rating, with the closest major competitor at 33%.

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