Ohio Group Rating Programs

Group Rating Overview

Ohio’s Group Rating program allows public or private employers in similar industries to pool together to achieve lower upfront premium rates than they could individually.  Since CareWorksComp is the administrator for over 250 group sponsors, our Best Fit process ensures that each qualifying employer is placed in the highest upfront discount level available.

The programs we administer offer premium discounts up to the BWC maximum. Programs are structured in a multi-tiered manner, providing the best opportunity to maximize your discount while preserving an employer’s valuable group rating status from year-to-year, even if workplace injuries do occur.

The group rating programs we administer have saved our clients more than $2.1 billion in workers’ compensation premiums.  For every $1 spent in participation fees the average client saved $11 in workers’ compensation premium – a 1,000 percent return-on-investment!

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CareWorksComp’s Group Rating Programs

Group Retrospective Rating Overview

Group Retrospective Rating is a program where Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC)-certified group sponsors pool together employers of like industry who meet their criteria for safety and claims management practices. When the total cost of claims is lower than premium paid, the group members can receive a premium refund. It is important to note that participants must pay their full premium upfront for this program.

Employers who wish to participate in group retrospective rating must fully understand the risk involved. If the group’s claim costs exceed the group’s premiums paid, the entire group of employers will pay a premium assessment. This assessment is capped at a predetermined rate of the employer’s individual annual premium.

CareWorksComp thoroughly reviews each group member’s safety program and claim history prior to acceptance into all CareWorksComp group retrospective rating programs. CareWorksComp works aggressively and proactively to help our group retrospective rating clients control costs to maximize the rebates of the program for all participants.

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CareWorksComp’s Group Rating Programs